Welcome to Revisionary Arts

Revisionary Arts (RA) is a 401(c)3/nonprofit that facilitates self-care and healing through the interconnectedness of poetry and medicine. RA strives to construct spaces where participants feel empowered to creatively explore their human vulnerabilities.

What is Therapeutic Poetry?

Simply put, therapeutic poetry is a personal and communal celebration of our human vulnerability. More specifically, it involves both the reading of poetry and the facilitation of its discussion, as well as the exploration of spaces of deepened reflection, awareness, and empowerment via creative self-expression.

Why Poetry?

Like any form of writing, poetry is a means of articulating our experiences, but unlike other genres of writing, poetry distills experiences into the essentials, allowing us to focus on what’s most critical.

Community Gratitude

“Poetic therapy led me to a reflective space of encounter and mutual release between body and soul/heart/spirit where I was able to get out of my own way and connect with the necessary emotions and words.”

Roxanne Doty, PhD, professor, writer, and lover of cats. 

Revisionary Arts is made possible (in part) by the Academy of American Poets, with funds from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.