RA’s free community workshops take place on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 1pm (Arizona time). We’re currently using a virtual platform, which you can access here. We also rotate our facilitators so that you’ll be exposed to new styles and approaches, as well as new poetry and writing prompts.

Additionally, RA offers a range of healing workshops that are adapted to the needs of specific populations.

  • single session workshops: a unique, one-time workshop that introduces participants to the techniques of therapeutic poetry/narrative and encourages reflection, writing, and sharing
  • recurring sessions (bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly): an array of workshops that can be thematically linked and share the consistency of a single facilitator or employ a variety of facilitators and techniques — from poetry to narrative to doodling
  • workshop series: these 4-8 week workshops are designed to function as progressive sessions, maintaining both the consistency of participants and facilitators, thereby evolving trust, awareness, community, and long-term benefits