Grey Matter

Grey Matter, the poetry journal of the Narrative Medicine program at the University of Arizona Biomedical campus in Phoenix, believes that poetry is a portal for introspection and reflection, one that connects us more deeply and empathetically to the human experience.

Submissions are welcome from all members of the healthcare community (patients included). Before submitting, please review our submission categories and interests:

  • Recognition and Healing: poems that reflect upon the past and recognize the emotional effects surrounding our experiences
  • Life As It Is: poems that analyze and explore the current human condition
  • Insight and Renewal: poems that anticipate what the future holds
  • Narrative Poetry: poems that narrate an impactful event
  • Reflective Letter: short prose pieces (250-500 words) that reflect/revise/reinterpret your role as a physician

How to Submit

  • Submit no more than 3 poems or one prose piece in any category.
  • Please include a brief, third-person bio (100 words or less) with your submission.
  • Poems/prose can be previously published, and all rights revert to the author upon publication.
  • Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis at

To better understand the role that poetry plays in physician (and patient) wellness, we recoomend this excellent article by Dr. Johanna Shapiro: